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What makes Anodyne Therapy better?
Our unique light medicine.

After more than a million patient treatments over 20 years, Anodyne Therapy has earned the trust of patients, therapists, and physicians worldwide. So, why should you choose Anodyne Therapy?

Published Clinical Data

Anodyne Therapy is the only LED light therapy device backed by published studies of nearly 5,000 patients (21 studies). These published studies document positive results delivered by Anodyne's unique light medicine (infrared, wavelength, photo-energy density, pulsation, duty cycle and treated area).

Used by Healthcare Professionals

More than 10,000 health care professionals have depended on Anodyne Therapy for treating their patients. These professionals deliver care in hospitals, outpatient clinics, home care, and also with professional and college sports teams. The use of Anodyne Therapy is even taught in professional educational institutions!

Available Nationwide

Nearly 6,000 facilities worldwide offer Anodyne Therapy including many hospitals and teaching institutions.

Physicians Trust Anodyne and Refer Patients

Over 11,000 physicians have prescribed Anodyne Therapy, which means they asked for Anodyne® Therapy by name.

Patented Design for Easy Hands-Free Use

Anodyne Therapy is a hands-free light therapy product that can be applied anywhere on the body to relieve pain.

Safe to Use

Neither operators treating with, nor patients receiving Anodyne Therapy need to use protective eye-wear.

Treat at Home

Patients can purchase a home system to continue Anodyne Therapy treatments at home for chronic conditions.

Made in America for 20 Years

Made in our Florida manufacturing facility, Anodyne products have been registered and cleared by the FDA. Anodyne Therapy, LLC has been certified under ISO 13485 (the international quality systems for medical devices) since 2004.

Relieve Pain.

Use the light therapy product that doctors ask for by name - Anodyne Therapy. Anodyne Therapy is safe, easy to use and - most importantly - clinically proven. Start relieving pain today.