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Doctors recommend Anodyne Therapy as their first choice for pain relief treatment.

Some patients have tried "everything" for shooting, stabbing, or tingling pain before obtaining pain relief with Anodyne. Today, more doctors are recommending Anodyne Therapy for chronic pain relief before suggesting other treatments because of the results seen with Anodyne, including:

  • 90% of patients experience relief from chronic foot and leg pain
  • Patients reported reductions in pain by 60% or more
  • 50% of patients were able to reduce the amount of pain medication they were taking before Anodyne treatments
  • Ease and convenience of use as reported by patients

What exactly is Anodyne Therapy?

Anodyne Therapy is an FDA-cleared light therapy device that is safe and easy to use in your own home. Pain relief with Anodyne Therapy is without side effects that often come with pain relieving drugs. Anodyne Therapy increases local circulation, which increases your body's ability to provide the essential nutrients needed by your cells to function properly. Anodyne's therapy pads are applied directly to the skin and can be used anywhere on the body to promote increased circulation and pain relief.

Learn more about how Anodyne Therapy has helped thousands of people.

Read our testimonials to hear from people like you, or check out our clinical studies that show results using our device.

Ready to start experiencing relief?

If you suffer from chronic pain, Anodyne Therapy treatments may help you!

Experience relief by purchasing an Anodyne system to use in the comfort of your home.  Many physical therapists also offer Anodyne Therapy treatments as part of a comprehensive treatment program.

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