Tarek A. Anmar, PT, PhD
Bull. Fac. Ph.Th.Cairo Univ., Vol. 15, No. (2) Jul. 2010


Study Summary

The 40 patients who qualified for this study were diagnosed with chronic knee pain and osteoarthritis.  20 patients received Anodyne, physical therapy and home exercise. The other 20 patients received hot pack, ultrasound, physical therapy and home exercise. Both groups of patients received 12 total treatments.



Patients receiving Anodyne (as described in the study) experienced knee pain relief, including:

  • 57% reduction in their knee pain
  • 36% improvement in the 6 minute walk test
  • 51% improvement in the Lower Extremity Functional Index
  • All measured results in the patients receiving Anodyne were significantly better than those receiving the alternative treatment