Near infrared light therapy, together with physical therapy, may be able to reduce pain in neuropathy patients and possibly reduce medication dosage levels of those undergoing drug therapy.


Thomas J. Burke, PhD
Practical PAIN MANAGEMENT, July/August 2007


Study Summary

The 493 patients who qualified for this study experienced extreme foot pain prior to treatment. All of the patients, half of whom were diagnoses with type 2 Diabetes, received an average of 15 treatments that included Anodyne and manual physical therapy.



Patients who received Anodyne, in the manner described in the study, experienced substantial foot pain relief, including:

  • A 64% reduction in level of their painful symptoms
  • Patients said they were in extreme pain before Anodyne treatment but in only mild pain afterwards
  • Foot pain relief was the same regardless of whether the patients suffered from diabetes or not