Joseph Prendergast, MD, Galdina Miranda, MA, Manuel Sanchez, MA 
24 ENDOCRINE PRACTICE Vol 10 No. 1 January/February 2004


Study Summary

The 27 patients who qualified for this study exhibited pain/discomforting foot sensations and abnormal sensory values using a Neurometer device.  21 patients were diagnosed with diabetes and 6 were diagnosed with other conditions that may have been associated with their symptoms.

Patients received 10 Anodyne treatments over 2 weeks in the medical office of an endocrinologist.



96% of patients receiving Anodyne treatments obtained significant relief from their pain/discomforting foot sensations, including:

  • 61% reduction of impairment
  • 60% were tested as having normal sensory function after treatment compared to 0% prior to treatment
  • All patients who had previously failed to respond to conservative prescription medications for their symptoms (average of 7 years) improved after receiving treatment