Lawrence B. Harkless, DPM, Salvatore DeLellis, DPM, Dale H. Carnegie, DPM, Thomas J. Burke, PhD
Journal of Diabetes and Its Complications 20 (2006) 81– 87


Study Summary

The 2,239 patients who qualified for this study all experienced foot pain. These patients obtained foot pain relief after receiving an average of 16 treatments that included Anodyne and physical therapy. 60% of patients suffered from diabetes and the remainder was diagnosed with other conditions that may have been associated with their symptoms.



98% of patients who received Anodyne, in the manner described in the study, experienced significant foot pain relief, including:

  • Pain/discomforting foot sensations decreased by 67%
  • Patients said they were in extreme pain before Anodyne treatment but in only mild pain afterwards
  • Foot pain relief was the same regardless of whether the patients had diabetes or not