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Anodyne® Consumer Model 120 - Versatile Pain Relief

The Anodyne® Consumer Model 120 is clinically proven to increase circulation and reduce pain, stiffness and muscle spasm.
Light_Therapy_Pain_Relief This product is ideal for patients suffering from pain or wanting to increase circulation to any part of their body – to include the feet and legs.

What do Treatments Feel Like?

Most patients experience a soothing warmth during their Consumer Model 120 treatments, similar to the effects of treatments with the Anodyne® Therapy Professional Systems.

Like the Professional Systems, the Consumer Model 120 is a temporary treatment for the symptoms of pain and poor circulation - and not a cure. This system only works while it is being used - and if you stop using it completely - your symptoms will likely return.

Does The Use of the Model 120 Cause Side Effects?

With Anodyne® Model 120– you don’t have to trade one symptom for another. There are no known negative side effects – other than the slight risk for a superficial burn if used improperly. Diabetics are also advised to monitor their blood sugars carefully – as they may require less insulin if they are able to increase their activity levels.

Patients who have an active cancer or malignancy in their lower extremity; or those who have a sensitivity to silver metal are advised not to use this product.

Is the Model 120 Covered by Medicare or Private Insurance?

Unfortunately, at this time, neither professional treatments with Anodyne® Therapy Professional Systems nor Anodyne® Therapy Consumer Systems are covered by Medicare – or Private Insurance Companies. We have affordable payment and financing options are available for those who qualify

Product Details, Pricing and Specifications

The Consumert Model 120 uses exactly the same Therapy Pads as the Anodyne® Professional Models - and each Therapy Pad has 60 LED's.

The only differences are that this in the Consumer Model 120 and the Professional Anodyne® Therapy Systems is that the Consumer Model 120 has 4 Therapy Pads, and is pre-set at a safe setting for in-home use.


A Lower Extremity Treatment Application System is available for FREE with the purchase of a Consumer Model 120.

This System comes with a Soft Shoe and Leg Attachment Strap so that the Therapy Pads can be easily applied to the Feet and Legs.

Velcro attaches the Therapy Pads to both the Soft Shoe and Attachment strap, thus the Therapy Pads are easily removable - making the Consumer Model 120 versatile for use anywhere on the body.

Pad Placement Examples
Infrared_Light_UpperBack Light_Therapy_Shoulder_Pain Infrared_Therapy_Elbow_Pain
Neck and Upper Back Shoulder Elbow
Infrared_Therapy_Wrist_Pain Back_Pain_Treatment Foot_Pain_Treatment
Wrist Lower Back Feet and Calves


Product - Consumer Model 120
4 FlexibleTherapy Pads
1Control unit
60 infrared diodes (890 nm) per Therapy Pad
Energy setting of 840 mw per Therapy Pad
Lower Extremity Application System - if applicable
Lightweight and portable
Durable carrying case
Personalized telephone training
2 year warranty

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1. Please complete the Contact Us Form or

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Anodyne Therapy is infrared light therapy device, FDA Cleared to reduce pain, stiffness and muscle spasm and increase local circulation.

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